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Custom Freediving Wetsuit

A custom freediving wetsuit that will fit and feel good for years to come. Having trouble deciding what kind of wetsuit you want? Between neoprene thickness, lining, patterns, colors, stitching, logos, extra padding, zippers and suit styles, the possibilities are endless and there can be many different freediving suits.

Custom Freediving Wetsuit

Custom Freediving Wetsuit Options


This is the material that is placed inside and outside of the wetsuit.

There are 3 types of liners.

Open Hole - This is when the manufacturer makes a block of neoprene and cuts it. Then they don't do anything with it. This is basically the original neoprene. It is suitable for putting on clothing. Using a lubricant usually made from conditioner, it slides on easily and clings to the skin. The lube allows the wetsuit to slide around your body as you move.

Seal/Nylon - This is usually a nylon fabric that sticks to the outer surface of the neoprene. This prevents the neoprene from stretching, which protects it from tearing easily. It also protects the neoprene from damage and allows the garment to be colored.

Varnish - This is usually a coating applied to the original neoprene to give it a shiny, smooth surface. It can be colored or even textured for added durability.


Please refer to the chart near the beginning to select the proper wetsuit thickness. Keep in mind that you can sometimes mix arm, hood or pants thicknesses that are thinner than your chest. This will allow you to have more flexibility and mobility where you want or need it, while keeping your core warm.


There are usually two options for seams.

Regular stitching - Probably the more durable option, this will allow water to seep through it seems, which means it is not as warm as the glued option below.

Glued and blind stitch - This is the warmer of the two options because it prevents water from seeping through the seams. It also eliminates the obvious stitching pattern, which means the suit will sit a little better on your skin.

Color - For suits that have stitching on the outside of the garment, you can also choose a different stitching color. This means you can have a truly custom look. A black suit looks great with rainbow stitching


Zippers can be added to all openings of a suit to make it easier to put on the suit. While they make the suit easier to put on, they also make it easier for water to enter and are not flexible, so they can reduce movement and flexibility.


Elbow, chest and knee pads are the most common types of pads added to wetsuits. Knee pads allow the user to kneel down without fear of damaging the wetsuit. However, they can limit the flexibility of the suit.


If you spearfish, you may need to add a pocket to your pants or top to accommodate accessories like a flashlight or knife.


In addition to having a solid color suit, you can also mix and match colors. Doing so can create a superhero effect. As for colors that show well underwater, it's best to stay away from red because even in relatively light water, red is the first color to disappear, making your suit look like a rusty brown. Colors that are good for modeling include: green and yellow.

Custom logos

A great add-on for some people to really make their freediving wetsuit unique is to give it a truly custom look with a logo or graphic.

Measuring and Ordering

One of the most important aspects of custom freediving suits is making sure they fit just right. This means making sure the measurements are correct from the start. I urge you not to rely on a friend or spouse to take the measurements unless they really know how to do it. I've seen some horror stories of beautiful suits that were unusable because of serious measurement errors.

Check out our wetsuit customizer where you can specify color, style, and thickness, and watch a video on how to measure for a custom freediving suit.

Please contact us to schedule a measurement appointment and we will provide you with a myriad of options depending on your usage.

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