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Custom Yamamoto Wetsuits

Custom Yamamoto wetsuits use the finest Japanese Yamamoto neoprene to keep you light and warm when surfing in cold water conditions.

Yamamoto's proprietary closed-cell manufacturing process also produces a highly durable neoprene that remains extremely elastic while feeling and acting like a second skin. It doesn't loosen over time like traditional neoprene in new clothes, it "feels" great, but its elongation quickly returns as the cellular structure breaks down.

Custom Yamamoto Wetsuits

Wetop Sports' custom Yamamoto wetsuits are made entirely of Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, as they consistently produce the best neoprene in the world.Yamamoto neoprene is.

-Made from limestone

-Excellent thermal insulation


-Super elastic

-Constituted of a unique high-density cell made of limestone

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