Fins & Flippers

Fins & Flippers

A diving fins/flippers is a thin component to provide the ability to steer by producing lift or thrust under the water. They are made of TPE, PP for low-end marketing and carbon fiber for high-end marketing with totally different price. in the different situations, the short fins and the long fins will be used.

Because mask, snorkel, fins / flippers are usually bought and used together, then they are called as “diving three-pieces set”. If you are interested in them, Wetop Sports should be a good factory for you. As we can provide the newest fashion set with a competitive price.

How to Customized

Wetop Sports is a professional diving fins / flippers manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in supplying high-quality diving fins / flippers customization. There are two ways to use often:

1) Complete Customization: customer provides the fins / flippers sample or design drawings, then we can make the tools / molds according to the requirement and produce the products.

2) Partial Customization: this often use our current fins / flippers to achieve customer’s requirement by printing or coloring, such as LOGO printing, pattern printing, water transfer printing and so on.

There are just some of our products below. if you would like to search more or match your current samples, welcome to contact us.

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What Types of Fins

Diver often takes confusion to buy diving fins / diving flippers as there are so many types can be chosen. The following are some types with relevant functions for your info.

Type  Material  bladeUsage
Full foot finsTPR, PP+TPRShort  Snorkeling
Open heel finsPP + TPRShort, LongAll underwater sports
Scuba finsPP + TPRLongFreediving, Scuba diving, Spearfishing
Snorkeling finsPP + TPRShortSnorkeling
Mermaid finsPP + TPRShortSnorkeling
Carbon fiber finsCarbon fiber + TPRLongFreediving, Scuba diving, Spearfishing

What Material of Diving Fins

Diving fins / flippers material is required to be serious to increase their performance. There are three totally different directions for using the material.

LevelBladeFoot areaother
Economy finsPVCPVCPVC
General finsPP, TPRTPRABS, TPR
High-end finsCarbon fiberTPRABS

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