Mask & Snorkel

Mask & Snorkel

The mask often includes diving mask and snorkeling mask for different situations. but diving mask can be instead of snorkeling mask sometimes.

A diving mask is essential for a clear view underwater. The human eyes cannot focus when in direct contact with water, which has a different refractive index than air. The air trapped by the mask allows the eyes to focus, albeit with some dimensional distortion.

diving masks include half mask, dive mask or scuba mask. It is an item of diving gear that allows underwater divers, including scuba divers, free-divers, and snorkelers, to see clearly underwater.

A snorkeling mask or full-face mask is consisted of mask and snorkel. The snorkel is foldable and anti-watering. It usually used for swimming and snorkeling to let us enjoy the underwater view without worrying about watering our eyes and breathing, because the mask covers our face and provide the air by snorkel.

Mask Technology

The mask typically consists of lens, frame, straps, buckles, and so on. the main factor is lens material that tempered glass lens is the better than PC lens because anti-pressure ability is better for underwater. the other factors depend on which function you would like. such as one lens for wider view but lower anti-pressure ability, full face mask is with snorkel for only swimming or snorkeling, the mask with mounting light or camera, and so on.

How to Customized

Wetop Sports is a professional diving mask manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in supplying high-quality diving mask customization and production services to our customers with advanced technology and experience. There are two ways for your info:

1) Complete Customization: customer provides the mask sample or design drawings, then we can make the tools / molds according to the requirement and produce the products.

2) Partial Customization: this often use our current masks to achieve customer’s requirement by printing or coloring, such as LOGO printing, pattern printing, water transfer printing and so on.

If a customer wants to purchase or wholesale diving mask, there are some parameters to be aware of. Such as size, quantity, lens material, pattern, etc. Wetop Sports is a professional diving mask factory, so we supply more, such as custom printing, your own logo, or even your design of the diving mask. Get a Quote.

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How to Choose

Every mask is different, and so is every face. To test the fit, the mask should be held securely in place on the face without the use of straps. After inhaling through the nose, the mask should remain in place by itself for at least a few seconds. The mask should remain sealed above the upper lip while pinching the nasal rest.

The intended use will determine the choice of a casual mode or a mode that provides additional functionality for technical or professional applications. Consider using a full-face shield if the situation requires it. The quality of the lenses will affect visual clarity and color reproduction. A wide range of options includes children's models.

How to Maintenance

With just one touch, the mask will last for years or even decades. Try to keep the mask out of direct sunlight. Soak the mask in fresh water after each dive. If you can rinse your mask with fresh water between dives, do so too.

1). Wash the plastic container separately with fresh water and a little baby shampoo. You want to make sure there is no sand or salt in the container.

2). Check the mask to make sure it is clean, paying close attention to the area beneath the inner seal for salt or sand. Check the nose pocket and where the skirt attaches to the panel.

3). When satisfied, dry the mask with a micro cloth and place in a container. The container should be the top item in your kit, so there is nothing on it. A leaky scuba mask is annoying, but so is a fogging scuba mask.

Seemingly simple, these few steps will prevent your mask from leaking and provide you with years of enjoyment.

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