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360 Rotatable Tube Detachable camera mount Full Face Mask

As a professional ODM OEM wholesale manufacturer in China, Wetop Sports has been specializing in supplying the custom water sports equipment for several years, such as wetsuit, drysuit, diving mask, fins, flippers, life vest, life jacket, buoyancy aid, surfboard and other relevant accessories.

We are committed to provide you with the best 360 scuba mask/360 snorkel mask.

Product Details

180 Panoramic View 360 Rotatable Tube Anti Leak Anti Fog Detachable Camera Mount Underwater Swimming Snorkeling Full Face Snorkel Diving Mask 360 Scuba Mask 360 Snorkel Mask

Place of Origin:

Xiamen, China


1) Anti-leak design;
2) Anti-fog design;
3) Detachable camera mount design;
4) 180-degree panoramic view;
5) 360-degree rotatable snorkel tube;
6) Adjustable elastic band with rotatable buckle;
7) Active fast-draining system.

Brand Name:

WETOP or Customization

Model Number:


Product Type:

Snorkeling / Swimming Snorkel Mask


Full-face snorkel mask, Mask + Snorkel, 180 panoramic views, 360 rotatable tube

Age Group:





S, M, L, XL, Accept your own size fitting


As Pictures or Customization


PC + ABS + Silicone + Elastic band

Pattern Type:





100 pcs


1 piece ( set ) / OPP bag or Customization

Supply Type:

ODM / OEM Service

Product Tips:

    1) PC, food grade liquid silicone let mask be safer, more durable and comfortable.

    1) 180-degree panoramic view let the view be wider;
    2) Many colors to choose from let you personalize more;
    3) Innovative Breathing System Increasing the amount of Oxygen entering;
    4) Ergonomic Breathing Chamber, Anti-fogging & Fit Tightly;
    5) 360 Degree Rotatable Snorkel Supporting free backstroke;
    6) Unique Meshing Clamping Structure Perfect sealing & 100% water leakproof;
    7) Original Beveled Mirror Design Anti-dizziness & Anti-distortion;
    8) Rotatable Buckle Flexible Wearing;
    9) Detachable camera mount is available to install the equipment to record your journey.

The 360 full-face snorkel mask is designed to keep your face dry and give you maximum visibility while snorkeling.

Product Advantages

1. Innovative breathing system Increasing the amount of oxygen entering.

2. Ergonomic breathing chamber anti-fogging&fit tightly.

3. 360-degree rotatable snorkel supporting free backstroke.

4. Unique meshing clamping structure with perfect sealing& 100% water leakproof.

5. Original beveled mirror design anti-dizziness&anti-distortion.

6. Rotatable buckle flexible wearing.

360 scuba mask details

360 scuba mask details

360 scuba mask details

360 scuba mask details

360 scuba mask details

360 scuba mask details

360 scuba mask details

360 scuba mask details

360 scuba mask details

360 scuba mask details

360 scuba mask details

360 scuba mask details

Discover Unmatched Underwater Adventures with the 180 Panoramic View 360 Scuba Mask

Dive into a world of aquatic wonders with the 180 Panoramic View 360 Scuba Mask, a game-changing innovation brought to you by Wetop Sports, a trusted name in professional water sports equipment. Immerse yourself in the deep blue like never before, as this full-face snorkel diving mask redefines the way you experience underwater exploration. Crafted with precision and passion, our mask promises an adventure that's immersive, safe, and awe-inspiring.

Unparalleled Panoramic View:

With the 180 Panoramic View, our snorkel mask revolutionizes your underwater escapades. Feel as if you're a part of the ocean's enchanting world, with an unobstructed view of marine life in all its glory. Whether you're snorkeling in crystal-clear shallows or diving into the mysterious depths, this mask offers a breathtaking window to nature's beauty.

360 Rotatable Tube:

Wetop Sports understands that comfort and convenience are paramount. That's why our Scuba Mask features a 360-degree rotatable tube. This flexible design ensures that the snorkel adapts to your movements, allowing for effortless breathing and a snug fit. No more discomfort or rigid tubing; our mask makes underwater activities a breeze.

Anti-Leak and Anti-Fog Technology:

Say goodbye to frustrating leaks and foggy lenses. Our mask is equipped with cutting-edge anti-leak and anti-fog technology, ensuring a consistently clear field of vision and a watertight seal. Dive with confidence, knowing that your adventure won't be interrupted by unwelcome leaks or obscured vision.

Detachable Camera Mount:

Capture and share your underwater experiences effortlessly with the detachable camera mount. Whether you're an amateur photographer or a seasoned pro, this feature enables you to document your aquatic escapades and share them with the world.

The Wetop Sports Promise:

At Wetop Sports, we're committed to providing you with the ultimate water sports equipment solutions. Our professional team of designers can help you realize your own creative visions, or you can choose from our best-selling styles. We offer wholesale and bulk purchasing options to cater to your specific needs.

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