Wetsuit & Drysuit

Wetsuit & Drysuit

The wetsuits and drysuits are to provide thermal protection when wetting from diving, freediving, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, spearfishing, triathlon, swimrun and other activities in or on water (such as players in the aqua park in the UK). The different wetsuits or drysuits would use different materials and designs to achieve the relevant requirement in different weather conditions from all over the world.

Wetop Sports, it is one of professional custom wetsuit manufacturers, specializing in the production of top-notch bulk wetsuits and drysuits. As a professional and trusted wetsuit supplier, we offer an array of services including wholesale distribution, complete customization, and OEM partnerships. Whether you prefer selecting from the existing styles, tailoring products to your specific requirements, or entrusting us with your own designs, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and meeting your every need.

As a best wetsuit factory, Wetop Sports offers a comprehensive range of services for swimming suit company, surfing store, outdoor goods retailers, sporting goods retailers, military procurement, and other online shops from United Kingdom, European, United State, Australia, New Zealand, …… etc. Our purpose is to assist our customers to build competitive brand with saving their capital and having reliable quality.

Why Custom Scuba Wetsuits or Drysuits?

As customers often have totally different requirement for their special requirement, then tailor made wetsuit or drysuit is the best way to achieve. Therefore, they should take care of the main parameters including quantity, size, neoprene material, fabric material, seam stitching, pattern, and so on as these would cause totally different price.

Which personalized wetsuits or Drysuits?

Wetop Sports often uses the following info for custom fit wetsuits or drysuits
Style: surfing wetsuit, triathlon wetsuit, diving wetsuit, spearfishing wetsuit, swimming wetsuit, snorkeling wetsuit, bikini wetsuit / neoprene swimwear;
Material: SBR, SCR, CR, Namliong CR, Jako eco-friendly limestone neoprene, Yamamoto eco-friendly limestone neoprene, T cloth, N cloth, super elastic cloth, Lycra, stair pad, thread pad, Kevlar pad, Yamamoto SCS (smooth skin), Yamamoto BRS, Yamamoto Aerodome, open cell neoprene…;
Zipper: front zip, back zip, chest zip, zipless;
Stitching: flatlock, GBS, GDBS, liquid, tape.

Wetop Sports has over 10 years of experienced wetsuit manufacturer making personalized wetsuits; there are very few requests we haven't heard and very few solutions we haven't tried. Below are the most popular wetsuit configurations. All products are available in a variety of thicknesses and colors to create the perfect wetsuit for you. Contact us for custom scuba wetsuit.

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There are some info for wetsuits vs drysuits below:

Function: Both wetsuits and drysuits are used to insulate against cold winter air and water temperatures.

Material and Warmth: Wetsuits are made of rubberized neoprene and are designed to keep you warm when wet, but unlike drysuits, they are not waterproof. As a result, if you wear a loose-fitting wetsuit, you will get cold. Tight-fitting wetsuits are ideal for cold-water surfing, as they allow you to move around more freely than drysuits.

Drysuits are completely waterproof but do not keep you warm when used alone. Drysuits are completely waterproof like a shell and are as loose as a large ski jacket. Drysuits are primarily used by kayakers and divers, but are now used for stand up paddling and even tailwave surfing.

Application Scenarios: For water activities, consider wetsuits because they are designed to fit snugly against the skin. This is why wetsuits are more popular in water parks.

In extremely cold conditions, when normal wetsuit movement is limited by temperature, a drysuit will be more favorable.

Consider a wetsuit when it's cold: surfing, tailwave surfing, tailwave water skiing (water sports)

Consider drysuits when it's extremely cold: kayaking, paddleboarding, taking action photos in the water (water activities or in extremely cold conditions)

For extreme winter stand-up paddleboarding conditions, a drysuit is a good option because you can add an extra layer of warmth underneath the suit. 

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