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Yamamoto 38 Smooth skin Limestone Triathlon Custom Wetsuit

As a professional ODM OEM wholesale manufacturer in China, Wetop Sports has been specializing in supplying the custom water sports equipment for several years, such as wetsuit, drysuit, diving mask, fins, flippers, life vest, life jacket, buoyancy aid, surfboard and other relevant accessories.

Product Details

Yamamoto 38 Smooth skin Limestone Neoprene Long Sleeve Shorts Full Suits Triathlon Snorkeling Swimming Custom Wetsuit For Men

Place of Origin:Xiamen, China
Feature:1) Anti-Bacterial, Anti-UV;
2) Breathable, Nontoxic, Waterproof, Windproof.
3) Yamamoto 38 limestone neoprene to be super elastic and Eco-friendly..
4) Seams: Use Japanese imported glue + exquisite adhesion blinding stitch process
5) Smooth skin to reduce resistance when sporting
Brand Name:WETOP or Customization
Model Number:WW-1080
Product Type:Triathlon / Snorkeling / Swimming / Swimrun Wetsuit
Style:Exquisite GBS, Back zipper, smooth skin, Yamamoto 38
Age Group:Adults
Size:S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL; Accept your own size fitting
Color:As Pictures or Customization
Material:Inside: supper elastic cloth
Middle: Yamamoto 38 limestone neoprene
Outside: - (smooth skin without cloth)
Pattern Type:Printing,
MOQ:100 pcs
Packing:1 piece ( set ) / OPP bag or Customization
Supply Type:ODM / OEM Service


    1) Yamamoto 38 limestone neoprene is the most flexible, durable, and eco-friendly.
    2) Super elastic co=loth inside let neoprene perform completely
        The surface adopts Yamamoto neoprene, a smooth surface that reduces movement resistance in the water. soft and elastic
        Inner super - super elastic special fabric. reduce the movement and reduce energy consumption
        Use quality wire, strong and guaranteed elasticity
        Ingenious glued seams technology, soft and hard, beautiful and firm
        The wetsuit fits the human curve joint plate pattern cutting process. The activity is comfortable

The triathlon wetsuit is specifically designed to provide triathletes with increased speed, buoyancy and better overall performance and protection. So the wetsuit should have high-end quality material to satisfy the request. This is why the material usually uses Yamamoto 38 smooth skin neoprene material. 

Triathlon wetsuit

Product superiority

Product Features

Science and technology fabric from the essence of breakthrough

  • Yamamoto

    Triathlon wetsuit technology is mainly manifested in glue and tailoring and edition type, and the content of science and technology mainly comes from the use of materials, almost top of the world triathlon brand invariably chose Japanese Yamamoto company of neoprene as production triathlon wetsuit materials necessary. Excellent performance to get better.

  • Low resistance performance

    The technical coating of Yamamoto SCS makes the resistance coefficient of the material in water 0.021, while the resistance coefficient of the generic brand of neoprene is 4, which is an order of magnitude difference.

  • Tensile capacity

    The average tensile capacity of the Yamamoto neoprene is 7 times that of the ordinary neoprene stretching ability, which affects the fit and comfort of the players in their clothing buoyancy performance.

  • Buoyancy performance

    The average buoyancy of Yamamoto neoprene is 30% higher than the average brand. Buoyancy can have a big impact on the speed of a player and it floats more smoothly in water, you can swim faster and more effortlessly.

  • Highlight displays

  • The details of the back-the-back zipper gap are closely joined, and the work is meticulous and precise.

  • Fabric analysis

    The fabric of science and technology upgraded to keep warm with super elastic high buoyancy. The surface is Japan imported Yamamoto 38 neoprene.The lining is super elastic feature fabric.

  • Tech. analysis

    Glued seams process-top adhesive technology, soft and hard, beautiful and firm.

    YKK metal zipper-custom YKK metal zipper, smooth, wear-resistant to corrosion.

    Blinding stitch process-use quality thread, strong and guaranteed elasticity.

    The brand logo-the core technology of the field.

Product Features

Product Features

Product Features

Dressing tips for a triathlon wetsuit

Wearing a triathlon wetsuit is a matter of patience, and remember not to pull too hard, while avoiding the surface of your wetsuit. A brief summary of dress skills:

1. One side of the logo is in front and the zipper side is in the rear.

2. Put your feet in and pull over your ankles. ( It will be easier to put on a sock or a plastic bag on the feet )

3. Pull up the lining of the wetsuit, and slowly pull over the knee. (It's easier to twist your legs at this moment )

4. Pull your triathlon wetsuit to your crotch, leaving as little space as possible. (If you're wearing a long-sleeved triathlon wetsuit, take turns wearing your arms like a leg )

5. Then slowly pull the wetsuit up and zip it up. ( Usually, you need help to zip up your zip)

Maintenance Matters

Cleaning: “after each use, please rinse the bathing suit with tap water, never use chemical products and hot water cleaning. After rinsing, don't hang up the hangers, but put them on the crossbar to make sure they are dry. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not use the heat source of the hair dryer. After the wetsuit is completely dried, it can be stored.”

hang storage: “the triathlon wetsuit must be hung with a certain hanger, usually a large coat hanger with no edges or corners. That way you can make sure your swimsuit isn't broken."

Folding storage: “another way to store a swimsuit is to fold it up and store it, but never press it over the top.”

Special reminder: “the most common damage of triathlon wetsuit is being torn by fingernails or being pierced by hard objects. Please take care to use.”

Product Features

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