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Best Full Face Dive Masks

A full-face scuba mask is more than just a very cool-looking piece of equipment. It has been proven in commercial diving for some time now, giving divers more protection and comfort in cold and even polluted waters.

Being able to talk to other divers around you while exploring a shipwreck or marveling at megafauna almost makes diving with an FFM a different type of dive altogether. Some models of masks offer a larger field of view than traditional masks, which is also a game changer for some divers.

Full-face masks are primarily used by technical divers and commercial divers, but they are also becoming increasingly popular with recreational divers. They are recommended to be worn when divers are exposed to cold or contaminated water or when performing maintenance work (such as repairing a sailboat propeller).

Best Full Face Dive Masks

Scuba diving is probably one of the most rewarding experiences - trust me! Having said that, no scuba dive is complete without the perfect equipment.

The first item on any diver's list is their mask. But have you ever considered a full face scuba diving mask before? Full face scuba masks give you amazing visibility in the deep ocean - while traditional half face scuba masks only give you insight into the world around you.

Thanks to traditional masks, you can see, navigate, communicate and even breathe in the deep with ease - however, thanks to full face masks, you don't even have to carry a regulator in your mouth.

In fact, full-face diving masks have become increasingly popular over the years. They used to be reserved for wealthy professionals - check out some of the price tags on full face diving masks from years ago!

Today, however, it's easy to find quality full face masks without spending a fortune. Scuba divers prefer full face scuba diving masks (which are usually superior to regular masks) for a variety of reasons. When it comes to maximizing what you can see while diving and who you can communicate with, there is nothing better than a full face scuba diving mask.

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