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Best Spearfishing Mask

There are three key things to look for in your spearfishing mask. 1, When you wear it, it needs to fit comfortably on your face. 2, It must have a good seal so that it doesn't leak when you are underwater. 3, Look for a spearfishing mask that has good vision and visibility.

Best Spearfishing Mask

The spearfishing mask was designed and developed as a tool for deep-sea spearfishing and freediving. It has an internal volume of 110 cubic centimeters. This makes it one of the smallest masks on the market, reducing the amount of air used to balance the mask. The nose area features a rough texture designed to improve grip when balancing. The exact distance of the lenses and their geometry were studied in order to obtain a good field of view with the small size of the mask. The strap can be adjusted by two clips on the side of the visor. The strap is made of tougher silicone to increase its durability. The straps ensure that the mask is always tight to the face even when the diver ascends faster.

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