Is the Black the Best Color for a Wetsuit?

Jul. 02, 2024

More and more people are getting better and better in their life, this is also one of why recently China travel is so popular, then the wetsuits are more and more popular as one of the best outdoor sports goods. But when they surf websites or go into a wetsuit store to browser, there are some questions would be worked out. such as:

1) What is the best color for a wetsuit?

2) Why are wetsuits only black?

3) Why are not wetsuits material colorful?

4) ……

Exactly, there are some reasons inside. Today Wetop Sport will use our professional knowledge to briefly explain for you one by one. if wanting to know more, welcome Wetop Sport knowledge center.

Is the Black the Best Color for a Wetsuit?cid=4

What is the wetsuit material?

As a wetsuit, the main basic material are neoprene and fabric. Neoprene is for keeping warm and bearing pressure underwater, fabric is for assisting to keep warm and other functions, such as better to touch skin, increasing durability of wetsuit, …… etc.

Oiled rubber wetsuit material and natural rubber wetsuit material are all laminated by neoprene and fabric together to let them be better performance. Whatever which kinds of neoprene or fabric, such as SBR, SCR, CR, Nam Liong CR, Jako limestone neoprene, Yamamoto limestone neoprene, N cloth, T cloth, super stretch cloth, Kevlar and so on, they are all similar principle. The material supplier will custom wetsuit material according their customer’s requirement.

Is the Black the Best Color for a Wetsuit?cid=4

How to custom wetsuit color?

According to the info abovementioned, and as the different wetsuit functions, we would know what can define wetsuit color:

1) NEOPRENE: when the wetsuit surface should be smooth skin, such as triathlon wetsuit, freediving wetsuit. Then color would be defined by neoprene. as the basic color of neoprene is black and gray. But gray is so seldom. Then the black is predominate. if other colors are necessary, it can be done by coating titanium for simple color and by digital printing for colorful surface with very high cost, but the color by digital printing is so easy to fall down soon.

2) FABRIC: when the wetsuit surface is wetsuit fabric, such as scuba diving wetsuit, spearfishing wetsuit, surfing wetsuit and other scuba suit material. Then the color is based on fabric outside by dyeing or digital printing. As the other colors would be easy to fade under sunshine or others, then the black is most popular.

Is the Black the Best Color for a Wetsuit?cid=4

Why are Black Wetsuits so Popular?

For all the wetsuit colors, black is the most common, as most wetsuits are dyed black.
When the first wetsuits came into commercial production in the 1950s, they were black in color because they were made of hard natural rubber and not covered with any material. Nylon was used as a backing to help the wearer put it on more easily.
As wetsuit manufacturers developed and perfected the construction of the wetsuit, In modern wetsuits, it come in a variety of colors and styles, but most are predominantly black with brightly colored graphics.
As mentioned above, black remains the most popular wetsuit color today because it not only keeps warm but also protect from UV rays. Many surfers also choose black because it has a slimming effect and is more resistant to wear and fading.

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