If Yamamoto Chameleon Fabric Aurora Can Redefine Wetsuit Market?

Jun. 20, 2024

Recently, there is a news in the wetsuit market. Yamamoto corporation have launched an innovatory fabric called Aurora that the color can be changeable based on several situations, it claims top ISPO Textrends Award for Autumn/Winter 2025/2026.……

This means in the near future we would see the relevant product in the wetsuit market, such as surfing wetsuits, freediving wetsuits, …… etc, especially for women series, kids series. As the colorful suits should be more attractive. It is like so beautiful changeable light or the northern lights. Therefore, if you would like to catch this perfect business opportunity. You should go into it immediately.

If Yamamoto Chameleon Fabric Aurora Can Redefine Wetsuit Market?cid=4

What is Yamamoto?

Yamamoto corporation is a well-known material company from Japan, its eco-friendly high end limestone neoprene is so popular all over the world, the neoprene code includes 38#, 39#, 40#, 45#, 50#, 88# and so on. The Yamamoto 39 is most popular and occupies most of high end wetsuit market share. But now Yamamoto 40 is getting popular as the flexibility is better than Yamamoto 39, then it is better for high end thin bikini wetsuits.

Yamamoto corporation also produce the fabric from general Nylon to high end Fabric to match themselves neoprene. As some customers would like to choose Yamamoto neoprene with Yamamoto fabric together. But there is a small problem is that custom fabric color would be difficult currently as higher MOQ.

Though now there also have other material suppliers who can make limestone neoprene as well, such as Jako from Korea, but Yamamoto is still the best choice for not only consumers but also sellers.

If Yamamoto Chameleon Fabric Aurora Can Redefine Wetsuit Market?cid=4

What is Yamamoto Aurora?

Aurora, a high-performance material with which it is possible to produce smooth skin wetsuits that change color above and below water as a result of the company’s proprietary SCS coating technology.

SCS is coated over closed cell polychloroprene to provide multiple functions including abrasion, chlorine, saltwater and UV resistance, as well as quick-drying properties and thermal insulation.

Aurora is hydrophobic in air and hydrophilic in water. The micelle-structured molecules on its surface repel water when in contact with air and reduce the surface resistance when in contact with water.

The material is lined with Green wave, a plant-based polyamide fabric, which via SCS coating, makes putting the wetsuits on and taking them off extremely easy. Green wave is also quick drying, with low thermal conductivity and improved heat retention when in use.

If Yamamoto Chameleon Fabric Aurora Can Redefine Wetsuit Market?cid=4

How to Use Yamamoto Aurora?

As this is new chameleon fabric material, in order to let it perform better, now this cloth is made of Yamamoto 45 smooth skin neoprene and Jersey with several exchangeable colors, but there should be more choices in the near further.

Based on its parameter, this exchangeable fabric would be favorite for kids and women, if you would like to customize women wetsuits or kids wetsuits, it would be a good option. You can image how special a chameleon wetsuit is. And if the wetsuit is for special underwater situation, maybe this material also can be considered.

Furthermore, welcome to visit our knowledge center, and there are the introduction links how the colors will change above and under the water. This would help you to understand more.


2) AURORA | Magic of Color (from Yamamoto official in Youtube)

If Yamamoto Chameleon Fabric Aurora Can Redefine Wetsuit Market?cid=4

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