Why Need Wetsuit for Surfing?

Jun. 05, 2024

Nowadays, there are so many people who would like to travel a sea beach to enjoy their time. it is because there are lots of water sports activities let our mind feel very comfortable. Such as listening to the sound of sea wave, watching the exciting sports, especially surfing and running……

As a most popular sports, surfing is always existing not only summer but also winter all over the world. The surfers always can use their perfect surfing skills to enjoy the time on the sea.

Why Need Wetsuit for Surfing?cid=4

What is a Wetsuit?

Wetsuit is a special garment. It made of neoprene that composed of synthetic rubber. Neoprene contains tiny bubbles that get filled up with water once you get wet. The water stays inside these bubbles of nitrogen gas and becomes warm as a result of your body heat. Nitrogen has low thermal conductivity or heat transfer away from the body. This is why the wetsuit can keep your body warmer.

Based on the usage, there are many types of wetsuits that made by different level quality of material, such as scuba diving wetsuits, spearfishing wetsuit, surfing wetsuits, triathlon wetsuits, some other special custom wetsuits, ……etc. but the surfing wetsuit is the most popular, the market share would be 40% for the world, especially for the united state, Australia, United Kingdom.

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Why Need Wetsuit for Surfing?cid=4

Why do Surfers Wear Wetsuit?

As we talked above, the surfing is so famous and popular, then in order to be better for surfing, a surf wear is necessary as it can bring the following benefits:


The insulating properties of neoprene keep your body warm for longer periods of time in cold water, preventing hypothermia.


You would get a sunburn from the sun's rays or the rays reflecting off the water, but neoprene can protect your skin from UV rays.


The tiny bubbles in the neoprene make the material buoyant. In turn, the wetsuit will help you stay a little bit float, which is very useful after being swept away by a wave. This helps you save energy when treading in open water.


Wetsuits can protect you from cuts and scrapes from coral or other sea creatures, especially when waves hit shallow reefs or low-lying rocks. They may not be strong enough to protect you from sharks, but they can protect you from stings from jellyfish and bluebottles.

Why Need Wetsuit for Surfing?cid=4

When Wetsuit Is not Necessary for Surfing?

A wetsuit is very important for surfing, but there are some situations that is not very necessary.

1) If the water temperature at the location where you surf is around 65°F (18°C) or above. However, many surfers prefer to wear a rash guard, black suit, even in warm water, because the body still feels cold after a while,

2) If you are surfing where the water visibility is good and there are no dangerous signs of rocks, corals or other sea life, then you can surf without a wetsuit.

All in all, the wetsuit is chosen for surfing is very important, but if it don’t mean you can not surf without wetsuit. we just always take care of our body in any situations. Put our body on the first one.

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