Why Don't Surfers Like to Wear Life Jackets?

May. 22, 2024

Have you thought why surfers ride the waves fearlessly, fighting nature at all costs, gliding gracefully along the waves? Where are their courage from without life jackets / life vests?

Maybe it is just because surfers would like to have better experience. Although sometimes surfing would be dangerous, the feeling of a surfer riding rough waves, hair blowing in the breeze, is not the same as wearing a bulky life jacket completely.

Therefore, if wearing life jacket just depends on that the surfers would like to enjoy surfing by which style. Before choosing, maybe there are some info needed to be known.

Why Don't Surfers Like to Wear Life Jackets?cid=4

Why Don’t Surfers Wear Life Jackets?

Most surfers don't would like to wear life jackets, especially the traditional styles. it’s because:

1) As a surfer, they all would like to maneuver and attempt any tricks while wearing one of these devices, the life jacket would limit these thoughts so much, such as the so big volume to increase resistance, rough fabric to let body be uncomfortable …

2) The surfboard is always with a ankle leash, this also can ensure the surfer’s safety.

3) Some surfers would wear professional surfing wetsuit, this also can provide some buoyancy and inherent safety.

4) The big waves surfers choose to wear flotation vests packed with small carbon dioxide canisters as this would be better to keep save.

Therefore, even surfers choose not to wear life jackets. But what’s the big deal why not wear a life jacket anyway for extra assurance?

Why Don't Surfers Like to Wear Life Jackets?cid=4

Which Surfers Do Need Life Jackets?

For wearing life jacket, maybe it is just for the kids. This is because:

1) The kids have not enough skills to surf, they always just for playing, it would not affect their performance so much whatever wearing life vest or not.

2) Wearing life jacket can keep safe better, then let their parents have peace of mind.

Why Don't Surfers Like to Wear Life Jackets?cid=4

How to Choose the Right Life Jacket?

As discussing above, wearing a life jacket is not mandatory and most surfers choose not to wear one. But when you do choose to wear one, there are some types of life jackets PFDs ( personal flotation devices ) in the market you should know:

1) AUTO-INFLATING: Auto-inflatable life jackets are those for big wave surfers. They provide an immense force to lift the surfer to the surface quickly.

2) MANUALLY INFLATABLE: A manually inflatable life jacket requires the wearer to manually inflate it by pulling a cord or handle. These life jackets typically come with a CO2 cartridge or another type of inflation mechanism that is activated when the cord is pulled.

Final Thoughts

When wearing a life jacket for surfing maybe look like a no-brainer, there are many reasons why surfers choose not to wear one. such as restricting movement, hindering performance, looking uncool, …… etc.

But it is most important that safety always comes first, especially with children and when surfing big waves. As our life can not be come back again.

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