How to Custom Surfing Wetsuit?

May. 07, 2024

As the surfing wetsuit is the most popular in this industry, especially in United State. There are so many people who would like to surf on the sea wearing the professional wetsuit. the market share of surfing wetsuit in USA occupies by more than 40% all over the world. Therefore, custom surfing wetsuits would be a interesting topic today.

How to Custom Surfing Wetsuit?

Why Do Surfers Need to Wear a Wetsuit

As professional surfers, they always would like to try doing anything new for their surfing skills in any situations. Then the surf wetsuit would help them a lot, it is because:

1) Wetsuit is made of neoprene that have a little of buoyancy, it would keep the surfer safety better;

2) Wetsuit can keep surfers’ body be warmer when surfing, especially in the cold water or wind;

3) Wetsuit can protect surfers’ body by keeping away the hurt form unknown creature when surfing;

4) Wetsuit can protect surfers’ body by keeping away from UV of sunshine or others when surfing.

This is why the wetsuit would be very important gear for surfers. Then choosing a suitable wetsuit for surfing should be necessary. if you have enough budget, the high-end wetsuit or eco-friendly wetsuit can be considered, as this kinds of wetsuit is more stretch, then you would have better surfing experience.

How to Custom Surfing Wetsuit?

How to Custom Surfing Wetsuits

You might think that all wetsuits are the same. But exactly, it is not, the economy wetsuit material is often not for making surfing wetsuits. the surf wetsuit design style is also different to other wetsuits. there are some aspects we should consider when customizing wetsuit:

1) FLEXIBILITY: high-end material can have perfect surfing performance, such as Nam Liong oiled CR, Jako eco-friendly limestone neoprene, Yamamoto eco-friendly limestone neoprene;

2) THICKNESS: surfing wetsuit often use the different thickness between torso and limbs, such as 3/2 mm, 4/3 mm, … etc.;

3) ZIP STYLE: as the special feature of this activity, the front chest zip is the first option to use. sometimes the zipless design is also welcome, but this would request more area so that it will limit the design of wetsuit style;

4) REINFORCEMENT: high quality knee pad for a surfing wetsuit is also very important. It will provide our knee better;

5) THERMAL LINING: if the warmer is necessary, the high-end thermal lining should be considered;

6) ……

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How to Custom Surfing Wetsuit?

How to Achieve Your Wetsuit Business

If you would like to do the bulk surfing wetsuit business, after knowing the abovementioned info, then just consider below:

1) defining your market, such as economy level, medium level, high end level;

2) building your own brand info, such as your LOGO, your slogan, … etc.;

3) looking for a best wetsuit manufacturer all over the world to obtain the competitive quotation and reliable service, then discuss with them for the wetsuit project detail.

Wetop Sport, as one of the best wetsuit manufacturers, it always can provide not only all of the abovementioned but also rash guard, drysuit, diving mask, diving fins, … etc. Its main business is to assist our customers to build competitive brand with saving their capital and having reliable quality. so why don’t you try it?

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