Is A Black Wetsuit Better?

Jun. 13, 2022


A wetsuit is a diving suit for people who engage in water sports and activities such as surfing or diving. Wetsuits were invented to keep you warm - but they have another positive effect: they also allow you to move faster. The buoyancy provided by a wetsuit puts you in a better swimming position - especially if swimming is your weakness - and helps save your legs during cycling and running phases.


Wetsuits have many functions. For example, they protect people from the water waves and the hot sun. Most wetsuits are black in color. There are many reasons why most wetsuits are black and some of them are given here.


1. Protection from extreme sunlight

If a person wearing a black wetsuit is swimming in the ocean and the sun is at its peak, the suit will protect the swimmer from sunburn. This is because it blocks certain types of sun rays. UV rays are the most destructive rays of the sun and you only need to protect yourself from UV rays that can cause any damage to your skin. Black absorbs most of the UV rays and does not transmit them to the skin. In this way, it will provide better protection from the sun because it blocks the harmful part of the sun.


2. Temperature maintenance

Black absorbs sunlight. There is energy in the sun and a black wetsuit will absorb it. Once it absorbs the sunlight, it gets a little warmer, so it helps people stay in colder water than their body temperature for longer.


3. Durability

Black wetsuits are more durable than other colored wetsuits. The color of a wetsuit tends to fade if you get into dust and extreme environments. If you have a yellow suit, you will notice some white patches on the suit after a while. A black wetsuit won't cause that kind of trouble. If a black suit has some wear and tear, it will be covered up by its black color; but if the wetsuit is a different color, the wear and tear will be more prominent. You will be able to use a black wetsuit longer than other colors of wetsuits.


4. Suit manufacturing costs

Black wetsuits are made of neoprene. Black neoprene is cheaper than other colors of neoprene. Black wetsuits are easy to manufacture and less costly. You will have different options when it comes to buying suits from the market. At a price you can afford, you will get a better quality black suit. For the same price, you will not get another color wetsuit of the same quality, so the black wetsuit is better for the money.


We can conclude that there are different concepts for wetsuit colors. If we are considering cost-effectiveness, protection, and durability, then the obvious choice is a black wetsuit, but not everyone is the same. People tend to ignore everything when they go to the market to buy something. Some people will just choose a certain color over a black wetsuit because of personal choice, and that doesn't need to be proven. When we see the benefits of it, a black wetsuit is a much better choice.

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