How Do I Care for My New Wetsuit?

Oct. 17, 2022

Once you have purchased your new wetsuit, the following guide will help you to get the best out of it.


1. Putting on your wetsuit.

Be gentle when putting on your wetsuit. Pulling on your wetsuit can put excessive pressure on the neoprene and may even tear the seams. Start with your feet at the bottom and slowly move up to the waist.


To help get your feet through the leg openings, place a plastic bag on each foot and simply slide them through.

Once the wetsuit has reached the waist, adjust it so that the bottom half fits your legs correctly. Then roll the rest of the suit upwards and slip the arms through. This will again prevent you from over-emphasizing the seams.


Before zipping up, make sure the wetsuit fits properly. This will reduce the amount of pressure applied to the seams. You should avoid forcing the zip on your wetsuit as it can be expensive to repair.

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2. Taking Your Suit Off:

As opposed to putting your wetsuit on, take your time. If it is stubborn, try not to pull too much on your wetsuit as this can cause the neoprene to tear and the seams to crack.


Peel off your wetsuit and turn it inside out as this will again reduce the pressure on the seams and make it more suitable for drying after use.


Drying your wetsuit.

Before completely drying your wetsuit, rinse it in cold, clean fresh water (the sooner after use the better). This will stop the neoprene from drying out and reduce its elasticity. By rinsing with salt water, the seams will not corrode and therefore the wetsuit will last longer.


Allow your wetsuit to air dry inside and out, but keep it out of direct sunlight. Too much direct sunlight will dry out the neoprene and make the material wilt. Don't hang your wetsuit on the shoulders as this can cause problems with the shoulder seams. Avoid using metal hangers as they can rust and cause staining. 

The best way to hang it outside to dry is to put it through a large plastic hanger or on a clothesline at the waist. Once dry inside, turn the wetsuit over in the correct way. Never dry your wetsuit in a tumble dryer. This will ruin your wetsuit.


Store your wetsuit in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Make sure the wetsuit is completely dry before placing it on a wide, non-metallic hanger for proper shoulder support. Hanging a wetsuit that is still wet in this way can cause stretching.

Custom Wetsuit

 Custom Wetsuit

Things To Avoid Doing With Your Wetsuit:

  • Do not fold up your wetsuit and store it when wet. This will cause the neoprene to give off a foul odor and may cause mold to grow on your wetsuit.

  • Do not use harsh chemical cleaners on your wetsuit as this will dry out the neoprene and severely shorten its life and damage it.

  • Do not rinse your wetsuit in hot water as this will dissolve the glue in the seals.

  • Do not wash your wetsuit in the washing machine as this can damage your wetsuit.


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