What are the very important basic snorkeling equipment

Oct. 11, 2023

When you travel some coastal cities, snorkeling is a very interesting activity you shouldn't try before leaving there. It can let you explore underwater by using equipment that helps you breathe fresh air and see clearly underwater. Then we also can see beautiful marine wildlife from a different perspective. However, to fully immerse yourself in the experience, you need to have the right gears.

Here is a quick overview of some snorkeling equipment and gear that can improve your comfort and experience.


What are the very important basic snorkeling equipment

When we swim in the water, you need to protect your body from the sun's UV rays, jellyfish stings, and skin irritation from salt water. Wetsuit or rash guard also helps maintain body temperature when swimming in cold waters. You should choose one that is long enough to cover your body comfortably without falling off. Otherwise, a large amount of water can flow through it, then reduce the thermal effect. It can also reduce your mobility while swimming.


What are the very important basic snorkeling equipment

What are the very important basic snorkeling equipment

A snorkeling mask helps protect your eyes and nose from the water. It provides you with a clear view underwater that is not visible to the naked eye. You should purchase a snorkel mask with tempered glasses for added safety.
You can choose between mask snorkel set or full face mask / snorkel mask. Whatever you decide, it should fit your face without causing any discomfort to your eyes and mouth, while allowing you to breathe naturally.
Therefore, knowing your face dimensions can be a good first step in helping you choose the right mask.


What are the very important basic snorkeling equipment

The snorkeling fins / flippers are also very important snorkel equipment, this is because:

1) You may need to be prepared for changing ocean conditions when snorkeling on the Sunshine Coast, such as the occurrence of strong currents. Snorkeling fins / flippers allow you to propel yourself faster through the water, making them very handy if you want to escape a dangerous situation.

2) They allow you to swim more efficiently, making it easier to navigate shallow waters and coral reefs. You can find a variety of fins based on your strength and skill level. You can choose between slingbacks and full-length shoes. When making your choice, you should consider how you plan to get into the water.


What are the very important basic snorkeling equipment

Anyone from beginners to advanced swimmers can enjoy the snorkeling experience. If you are new to snorkeling, you should consider purchasing a life jacket to protect yourself, especially when swimming at depths greater than 10 feet. Even if you get tired from continuous paddling, a life jacket will ensure you stay on the water.


In order to avoid missing out on capturing amazing underwater wildlife is a big letdown. you need to have a good waterproof camera that can be used both above and below water. Instead of keeping the entire experience to yourself, you can take great photos and share them with friends and family.

Alternatively, you also can use a waterproof and most modern smartphones that offer excellent photo quality that rivals professional cameras. Although they may be waterproof, but they can not keep for a long time, therefore, you should also remember to bring an underwater phone case.


With the above gears, you're sure to enjoy your next Sunshine Coast snorkeling trip. Don’t forget to follow all safety precautions that come with every piece of snorkeling equipment you purchase. While you can choose to rent equipment during your vacation, it's best to have your own equipment.

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