5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Diving Mask

Jul. 11, 2022

Before you buy your first dive mask, think about what kind of diving you will be doing and what is most important to you as a diver. There are many different mask styles to choose from, each with unique benefits. Knowing your priorities before you shop will make it easier for you to narrow down the wealth of choices. Before you head to the store, here are some of the most important things to consider.

1. Your budget

Mouthpieces don't need to be expensive. They usually cost around $50, with some full-face mask dive masks used by commercial divers costing upwards of $1000.

Don't assume that a more expensive mask is better - it's not! The most important thing to consider is the fit of the mask, which we will discuss next.

360 Rotatable Tube Detachable Camera Mount Full Face Mask

360 Rotatable Tube Detachable Camera Mount Full Face Mask

2. Getting the perfect mask fit

You want your dive mask to fit perfectly so that it will only let a small amount of water into your face and you will feel comfortable throughout the dive. The better your mask fits, the less mask cleaning you'll have to do - which means you can focus on enjoying the marine life around you.

Important: If the seal on your face is broken, water can get into your mask - usually because of hair or smiles caught in the mask skirt!

You can find important tips for ensuring you wear a good mask later in this article.

3. Nose Pockets Matter

I doubt you've spent much time thinking about the mask nose pocket, but this seemingly unimportant part of the mask does matter. A flexible nose pocket makes it easier to pinch your nose and balance your ears while driving.

The correct shape of the nose pocket also prevents water from getting into your subnasal mask and ensures that once your regulator is in your mouth, it won't be painfully pushed up your nose. Make sure you try a variety of masks to find the right nose pocket for you.

180° Wide View Diving Mask Snorkel Set

180° Wide View Diving Mask Snorkel Set

4. Choose your mask color carefully

These days there are a wide variety of mask colors to choose from.

Each color has different advantages for divers.

Clear masks allow more light in, which can help prevent claustrophobia.

Black masks reduce glare and distractions, which can be helpful when focusing on underwater photography. They look cleaner than white or clear masks.

White and colored masks are easy to distinguish from other people's dive gear and perform well in underwater photos.

5. One, two, or more lens masks

Diving masks are available with one, two, or more lenses, as well as framed and frameless masks.

Single-lens masks have a wide, uninterrupted field of view and maintain binocular vision to aid depth perception.

Two-lens masks typically have tear-shaped lenses with a wide lateral and downward field of view to provide perfect dive table visibility.

Multi-lens masks have additional lenses on either side of the mask to provide ample light entry and an optimal field of view. They are perfect for anxious divers.

Important: If you are looking for a wide field of view and easy balance, choose a single lens mask for a wide field of view. When traveling, choose a frameless mask. They are small, easy to clean, and often fold flat for packing.

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