Why Neoprene Swimwear Will Be More Popular Than Nylon Swimsuit?

Feb. 28, 2024

Neoprene Swimwear or bikini wetsuit, it is a new concept for many people. Why it comes up? Maybe it is because of the limitation of common swimsuit that is made by Nylon fabric. The thinnest Nylon swimsuit is the best advantage, but it is also the worse disadvantage. There are too many perfect places for swimming all over the world, but the places with warm weather are so few in a year. Especially for frigid zone, such as England, Russa, Canada, Australia, … etc. Therefore, if you would also think this is a big potential market in the near future now?

Why Neoprene Swimwear Will Be More Popular Than Nylon Swimsuit?

When setting a swimwear collection, choosing the right material is crucial. Not only does it impact the overall quality and performance of your swimsuit, but it also plays an important role in determining the success of your business. Nylon and neoprene are two popular choices nowadays, each with their own unique properties and benefits. today let’s discuss with the differences between nylon and neoprene and help decide which fabric is best for the swimwear collection.


This is a firm favorite in the swimwear industry. Nylon is a synthetic material prized for its strength and elasticity. It confidently resists damage from oil and various chemicals, making it easy to clean and maintain in top-notch condition.
This fabric takes the advantages of nylon a step further and offers exceptional flexibility. This feature is crucial for swimwear, allowing the wearer to glide, dive and twist without any restrictions. Thanks to its lightweight nature and silky surface, its elasticity does not compromise comfort.


This is a synthetic material with a unique set of properties that differ from nylon. Neoprene belongs to the family of synthetic rubbers and is most associated with wetsuits due to its excellent insulating properties. The fabric's inherent thickness and sturdiness make it a great choice for swimwear styles that require more structure or extra support.

When we take a closer look at neoprene, we see that this fabric has a variety of features that are unique to it. From thermal insulation to sturdiness and resistance to harsh conditions, neoprene has many advantages. However, keep in mind its breathability and drying speed, and weigh these factors against your overall goals and target market for your swimwear line.

Why Neoprene Swimwear Will Be More Popular Than Nylon Swimsuit?


The choice between nylon and neoprene isn't just a matter of aesthetics; it's also a matter of functionality. How will the swimsuit be used? Who do you design for? It’s crucial to focus on your target audience and understand their needs and preferences.

If your customer base consists primarily of active swimmers or athletes who prioritize lightweight and flexible swimwear, nylon would be a smart choice. Its superior elasticity allows for freedom of movement, making it ideal for those participating in strenuous water sports or aqua fitness activities.

On the other hand, if you're carving out a niche for surf-style swimwear or a design that requires more structure, consider opting for neoprene. Providing strong support and significant insulation, neoprene is synonymous with wetsuits and is ideal for swimwear styles that require more body and shape.

It’s not a question of one fabric being better than another; Rather, it’s about finding the product that fits your line’s specific needs. Whether it's the soft elasticity of nylon or the structured insulation of neoprene, always remember to match the material's functionality to the needs of your swimwear design and, most importantly, to the needs of your target market.

Why Neoprene Swimwear Will Be More Popular Than Nylon Swimsuit?


Even the Nylon and neoprene are the two big markets, the target market is the most important factor for choosing, but we should think about more:
1) The neoprene swimwear is a more difficult material to let us go into as the neoprene is too complex material; such as SBR, SCR, CR, Jako limestone eco-friendly neoprene, Yamamoto limestone eco-friendly neoprene, Yamamoto SCS… etc.
2) More and more famous swimwear brands are going to set neoprene swimwear line;
3) The unit price of neoprene swimsuit is more expensive than Nylon one by several times;

All in all, the neoprene is a new market without be easy to enter, especially for frigid zone. Custom neoprene swimwear should bring the new growth point of your business. Maybe you can find a best bikini wetsuit manufacturer to be your partner to explore your project. Wetop Sport is one of the professional neoprene swimwear factories, it can assist your side to build your business very well.

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