Surfing beginners, where are the best destinations?

Jul. 06, 2021

When we are watching athletes excel from any sports, we will be inspired even the laziest people to take up sport. But for travelers, trying out surfing is particularly appealing while you can rent all the gears, such as surfboard, surfing wetsuit, etc. it's mostly done in sun-soaked idylls.

In order to 'introducing more youthful and vibrant events and culture into the Olympic programme.'the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee pitched surfing as one of five new sports. So don't be surprised if surf destinations and trips book up quickly. Because it will be popular in future.

In July 2021, after surfers from 17 countries competed in three rounds at Tsurigasaki Beach, 40 miles east of Tokyo. Carissa Moore of the USA and Italo Ferreira of Brazil took home gold medals.

So would you have curious for surfing? If yes, there's hundreds of surf spots you could head to, where you won't feel out of place as a beginner.

Surfing beginners, where are the best destinations?

1. Seashore surf and camp in Landes, France

You might not think of France as a premier surfing destination, but it actually has a lot to offer. It's the perfect place to ride the waves, and when you're comfortable onboard, you can enjoy more exotic places.

Landers has a surprising number of surf packages for the outdoorsy person who doesn't want to break the bank or miss out on the finer experiences of southern France.

Dreamsea Surf has built a strong online presence based on its camps in Bali, Nicaragua and Sri Lanka. However, we like its base for its affordability and laid-back approach.Beach-side "glamping" tents start at just €33-77 a night via Luex that attract young, multicultural crowds every summer who take advantage of the "swell magnet" that is the Atlantic coast.

Surfing beginners, where are the best destinations?

2. Relax coaching in Taghazout, Morocco

When you're learning to surf, you can't go wrong with Taghazout, a laid-back fishing village on Morocco's lovely west coast - a legendary place for European surfers.

Much Better Adventures offers two beginner-friendly surf tours of 3 and 6 nights each. Both include all the guidance, equipment, food and accommodation you need to start falling in love with the sea.

Surfing beginners, where are the best destinations?

3. Friendly waves across Lisbon, Portugal

The Atlantic coast is fast becoming one of the best locations in Europe for surf schools for beginners, and Lisbon has become the country's most-visited Instagram spot for both new and old surfers.

Holidu recommends taking the Costa da Caparica - Lisbon's most "friendly" wave, perfect for summer and those with less experience.

Surfing beginners, where are the best destinations?

4. The sport's rich history Hawaii, USA

If you want to know where it all started, Hawaii is the place to go. The American state is considered the birthplace of surfing, which is said to date back to the ancient Polynesians who lived in Hawaii and Tahiti. Surfing was subsequently popularized by Duke Kahanamoku from Hawaii.

Black Tomato curated a package with everything the beauty industry's best "reset button" has to offer, culminating in a surfing masterclass with one of Hawaii's own masters, Titus. The itinerary spans Maui and Kauai, including the island's lush rainforest, pristine beaches and farm-to-table food.

Surfing beginners, where are the best destinations?

5. Luxury Helicopter Surf Tour starting in Queenstown, New Zealand

Another treat at Black Tomato, this 10-day luxury surfing extravaganza is shaped by where the Tasman Sea is expected to offer the best waves. You won't know your exact destination until a week ago, when an expert will provide you with a route designed by an expert.

How will you navigate the island to find them? Of course the helicopter. Navigating the island is easy with the help of your own designated pilot.

Chase velvety smooth tunnels, super pipes, perfect skinners or rough freight trains (as the locals say) from coast to coast before retreating to one of New Zealand's best luxury hotels, The Spire, at night relax for a moment.

Surfing beginners, where are the best destinations?

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