Should I Get A 3mm or 5mm Wetsuit?

Aug. 09, 2022


"How thick should I buy a wetsuit?" is a question we are often asked.


Wetsuits come in a variety of different thicknesses depending on the conditions you're going to be surfing in. With so many options, it can be hard to decide on a wetsuit thickness, but ultimately, it depends on the water temperature you'll be surfing in and your tolerance for the cold.


You can easily check your local water temperature online with a quick Google search.


  • - 6 mm / 6.5 mm (below 6°C) - Winter water temperatures in the UK are at their coolest in March. If you are surfing in the coldest conditions, we recommend wearing a wetsuit at least 6mm thick with a hood, boots, and gloves unless you want to lose the feeling of your hands and toes and enjoy the sensation of your brain freezing!


  • - 5 mm (9°C) - These water temperatures are most common throughout the winter in the UK and the water is still very cold. We recommend a wetsuit thickness of at least 5mm; we recommend boots, but depending on your tolerance to the cold, a hood and gloves are an option.

  •  3mm Surfing Custom Wetsuit

 3mm Surfing Custom Wetsuit 

You can choose a wetsuit with a built-in hood, or you can choose a wetsuit without a hood and then purchase the hood separately.


  • - 4mm (12°C) - This wetsuit thickness is best suited to UK spring/autumn seawater temperatures. Boots are optional at this time of year.


Since the water is still cold this time of year, you'll want to make sure the wetsuit has taped or welded seams and wrist and ankle seals to keep the cold water from washing over your suit.


  • - 3mm (15°C) - A 3mm thick wetsuit is perfect for the average water temperatures in the UK from July to October. Gloves, boots, and hoods are not required at these temperatures.


One of our most popular wetsuits is the Wetop Sports 3mm wetsuit. Silver coated smooth skin, Korea CR neoprene, and silver coated smooth skin inside for the collar can offer the best flexibility and warmth. CR neoprene is more flexible, durable, and competitive. Lock water design for the cuff to avoid the water.


  • - 2 mm (19°C) - This wetsuit thickness is recommended for use in the warmest UK sea temperatures during peak summer. At these temperatures, hoods, gloves, and boots are not required.

3mm Wetsuit

 3mm Wetsuit

Should I Get a High-quality Wetsuit?

Whether you are diving in summer or winter in UK waters, you must buy a high-quality wetsuit. Don't be cheap, we assure you - you will regret it and end up spending more money to fix the mistakes.


During the summer months, most divers find that a 5mm wetsuit keeps them comfortable. If you're one of those colder divers, you can pick up those extra items from your closet to add a little extra warmth - a baselayer or hood, something like that.


The problem is that not all 5mm suits are created equal. You can buy products designed for surface water sports like triathlons and surfing. These suits tend to be cheaper than suits designed for diving. They are designed for flexibility rather than warmth. Think about those activities, right? They're high energy and you stay warm by moving around. Diving is the complete opposite. We want to be friendly, calm, and relaxed. We don't want to move around too much. So our suits have to be built differently. They're designed for warmth, not movement, and their design features tend to make them more expensive - but we promise, the extra investment is totally worth it!

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